Welcome to city of Rethymno the birthplace of Xenios Zeus. Welcome to one of the most historic buildings of Rethymnon, an old Dominican Monastery. Art Hotel Veneto is a 4-star hotel with one of the finest restaurants on the island and a unique Art shop in the old town of Rethymnon.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional stay to our guests giving them the chance to experience all the unique elements of our cultural heritage which make Rethymno a remarkable destination. Relax in a 600 years old mansion, take a trip through time filled with experiences and tastes in a town that will embrace and surprise you.

VENETO Manager

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1/3. Veneto's historic entrance

2/3. Room 101

3/3. One of our Guests


Veneto Boutique Hotel is a Venetian mansion of the 15th century located in the Old Town of Rethymnon, in the shopping district, close to the museums, the numerous cafés, and the beautiful beach. The building has been renovated with respect to the character and architecture of its time and consists of six Standard Suites, four Junior Suites, and two Deluxe Suites.

All Veneto Boutique Hotel in Rethymnon rooms are fully equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel and maintain a combination of traditional and contemporary character.

  • 1/5. COURT YARD: A close up of a table with the entrance to the main building in the background.

  • 2/5. COURT YARD: A Court Yard view from the private dining balcony.

  • 3/5. DINING HALL: The bar area with the fountain on the front right and the exit to the Court Yard on the rear right.

  • 4/5. DINING HALL: The lobby of the Dining Hall area.

  • 5/5. MAIN HALL: privacy & comfort.



Veneto Restaurant is without a doubt one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island and is distinct for the unique local dishes, the quality of ingredients and professional and friendly service. This unique restaurant in Rethymno is certified by the ‘Agro nutritional Cooperation of Crete’ with the quality label ‘Cretan Cuisine’ and is awarded golden distinction for its wine list by ‘Vinetum’.

Veneto Restaurant operates from May till the end of October and hosts a wide range of events, such as Weddings, ‘Cretan Cuisine Courses’ as well as ‘Wine Tastings‘.


Art in.. Veneto, a shop with items of art, offers a selection of unique creations made by renowned Greek and foreign artists. The list of items consists of ceramic and glass artifacts, bronze figures, sculptures, jewels and accessories such as pareos, Panama hats, bags and worry beads.

Do not miss the opportunity to view our latest objects of art on our facebook page.

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