Celebrate the joy of your love
Romance in the countryside

Whether you were recently married and currently searching for a place to spend your honeymoon, or you wish to celebrate the joy of your love, what is of great importance, is that you will be with your other half and that’s all that matters. However, choosing a place where you can express yourself freely is very essential. Veneto Boutique Hotel is loved by gay couples all over the world.

Veneto boutique hotel is one of the oldest buildings of the Venetian era in the heart of the old town of Rethymno and a part of a Dominican monastery named Santa Maria Magdalena (14th century AD). Veneto is one of the most elegant boutique hotels in town with comfortable luxury suites each with a unique identity. The hotel is located at a walking distance from many remarkable sightseeing attractions in the heart of a unique old town, as well as the Old Venetian Port ideal for romantic strolls with your significant other!

Veneto Boutique Hotel will be ready to open you up to new romantic experiences, like romantic dinners for two. Veneto Restaurant is a must-try experience. It is regarded as one of the most elegant and romantic restaurants in town with a 600 years old Venetian courtyard. It welcomes its guests in an elegant and friendly atmosphere, with gentle and efficient service, which offers Cretan Cuisine with a refined twist, combined with an exclusive selection of wines kept in its own wine cellar, in order to keep the quality, taste and aroma of the wines. A real paradise for food and wine lovers!

Also, from May to October, the hotel organizes special wine tastings as well as Cooking Classes that allow you to learn how to cook like a local. Is there a better chance to polish your cooking skills with your other half on a romantic trip?

So, call your other half and announce to them that you are going on the most romantic trip of your lives. If you pick Veneto Boutique Hotel, they would never refuse!