Veneto Boutique Hotel is a Venetian mansion of the 15th century located in the Old Town of Rethymno, in the shopping district, close to the museums, the numerous cafes and the beautiful beach. The building has been renovated with respect to the character and architecture of its time, and consists of six Standard Suites, four Junior Suites and two Deluxe Suites.

All Veneto Boutique Hotel rooms are fully equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel and maintain a combination of traditional and contemporary character.

    The art store at the bottom left, main entrance & restaurant on the right, rooms on the top floor.


    All seven Standard Veneto Boutique Hotel suites retain their unique character offering a comfortable stay.


ROOM 101

A unique room of 32 m2 surface with a stone arch and notable architectural...


ROOM 102

This is a sunny room of 27 m2 on the 1st level and benefits...


ROOM 105

A sunny room on the 1st level which was formerly used as the building's...


ROOM 106

A 27 m2 sunny room on the 1st level, formerly being the building's hammam. ...


ROOM 107

Room 107 is located on the 2nd level and has a surface of 27...


ROOM 109

A sunny room of 28 m2 surface located on the 2nd level. It benefits...


ROOM 111

On the first floor of the building, there is room 111 covering an area...


    Four Veneto Boutique Hotel Suites with plenty of space to host a couple or a family of four. All suites are fully equipped offering a comfortable stay. Each one preserves a unique character.


ROOM 103

A Suite-maisonette of 50 m2 surface on the 1st level, ideal as a honeymoon...


ROOM 104

A 48 m2 Suite on the 1st level benefiting from an extra 8 m2...


ROOM 108

A suite of 52 m2 surface located on the 2nd level currently renovated consisting...


ROOM 110

A sunny suite of 55 m2 on the 2nd level, formerly a “women only”...


    The Art Hotel Veneto has created 2 unique suites in 2016 making it one of the most elegant hotels in the old town Rethymno. Both decorated with objects of art, each with private lobby area.


ROOM 201

A Deluxe Suite on the 1st level. An ideal couple apartment, consisting of a...


ROOM 202

A Deluxe Suite on the 2nd level. An ideal couple apartment, consisting of a...



HISTORY: Being a part of a Dominican monastery named Santa Maria Magdalena, VENETO was inaugurated by Michele Sanmicheli in the mid 15th century. This well-known Venetian architect had taken on the construction of the fortress of the town of Rethymno (Fortezza), after its reoccupation by its enemies, the Genovese. Before starting building the fortress though, he renovated VENETO, LOGGIA (the officers assembly house), as well as three other houses in order to lodge the Venetian noblemen who were responsible for the supervision. In the mid19th century VENETO was bought and renovated by the Turkish Bey Risvan who gave it to his young newly widowed sister. At the beginning of the 20th century and after the population exchange, VENETO was given to Prokopakis Family by the Greek Government, as an acknowledgement of Emmanuel G. Prokopakis’ heroic contribution to the Macedonian Rebellion (1903 – 1908).

  • CLASS: A’ Category / 4 Stars
  • RENOVATION: 2017
  • FLOORS: 3
  • VENETO SURFACE: 1200m²
  • BACK YARD: 90m² / 3 wells & 2 fountains
  • WINE CELLAR: 25m² / Air conditioned
  • MEETING ROOM: 50 guests
  • EVENTS: 100 guests
  • STANDARD SUITES: 6 x 30m²
  • JUNIOR SUITES: 4 x 50m²
  • DELUXE SUITES: 2 x 45m²
  • ROOM AMENITIES: Refrigerator, Satellite TV, Aircondition, Free WiFi, Hair Dryer, Baby cot, Phone, Safe box, Anatomic-hypoallergic mattresses/pillows.
  • HOTEL AMENITIES: Bar, snack bar, restaurant / Air-conditioning / Free WiFi / Room service on request / Massage, manicure, pedicure on request / Doctor on call

ARCHITECTURE: Veneto is an impressive architectural ensemble. The entrance is towered over a mosaic arch of the 1st Venetian Era, witness of the age of the building. Right beside it, the imposing stone staircase that leads to the upper floors emerges from a unique pebble floor with elaborate patterns. Party walls 50-120 cm wide assembled with plaster from Santorini, three stone wells, two fountains, a sublime yard and many particular corners make up a unique architectural puzzle. Elements of Venetian, Turkish and Greek architecture bound together through the centuries within a single building.