Raki Distilleries in Crete
raki distillery

Rakokazano= (raki alembic)

“When Crete smells like rakokazano, winter is coming”. If one could see Crete from above at this time, he would think that he sees the Galatian village of Asterix with the various smokers burning. No, they are not Ovelix piglets. It is the hundreds of rakokazana that burn from the end of September to the end of November from one end of the island to the other. This is the traditional way of distilling grapes, which continues from generation to generation, giving samples of culture, civilization and temperament of our people, against globalization and the vertical standardization of products. There, everyone has the right to produce their own product that has a special value for them and that is not measured by effort or money. Producing our own raki is our passion, another occasion to gather our friends to rejoice in nature all together, to smell scents deeply rooted in our DNA. Soil, rain, fire, grapes , jokes, teasing, mantinades, baked potatoes, appetizers for everyone, but above all for the passer-by, the foreigner. This is the rakokazano, this is the Crete that we love. Do not miss the opportunity. Visit any cauldron you find among the many. You are also invited even if they did not tell you.As Greeks always say ‘There is always space for good people” so come along!!!