10 Reasons to visit Rethymnon
Rethymno fortetza

1. It is one of the nicest and most hospitable towns in Crete.
2. You can swim in the award winning beaches of the North coast but also enjoy the deep blue water of the South coast.
3. You can explore the numerous picturesque villages that maintain their traditional character
4. You can go sightseeing and visit historic monuments within or out of the town.
5. You can enjoy a magic sunset from the Fortezza, the best preserved Venetian Fortress in Greece.
6. You can wander around the narrow streets of the old town where an old story is hidden in every corner.
7. You can enjoy your coffee or a drink along the golden sandy beach of Rethymno with the numerous palm trees.
8. You can taste well-known dishes of the Cretan Cuisine in the meze places and restaurants of the old town.
9. You can attend to different cultural events such as musical and theatre performances organized by the municipality of Rethymno throughout the summer.
10. You can have a chat and a raki with the locals before going home and share promises that we will meet again soon on this island where Xenios Zeus god of hospitality, was born.